Horror Classix For U 2 Enjoi

Horror Classix For U 2 Enjoi

Over the last few weeks I’ve been bingeing the Evolution of Horror Podcast, which is basically a recap podcast for horror nerds, as host Mike Muncer and fellow charming UK film critics, producers and curators go over important trends in particular horror subgenres, and talk episode by episode about the most important films in the genre.

As a result, I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite horror movies and listening with great joy as they talk about my faves (and sometimes with annoyance as they get the totally wrong take on some movies, an annoyance which is of course the grandest tradition of fandom, as well as a deeper frustration about gaps in recognizing transphobia among horror fans). And one night, over-caffeinated and unable to sleep, I decided to make a bunch of lists of my decade by decade favorite 25 horror movies on Letterboxd.

As I wont be invited to share my extensive horror knowledge on Muncer’s podcast any time soon, alas, I thought I would just share with you lovely people this collation of some of my favorite movies, for those of you who are deep in the horror fandom and want to argue with me about whether my picks are even really horror movies, or for those of you looking to get more into the genre looking for recommendations. I will link the lists below, and include my top 10, but you’ll have to go click the links for the full 25!

Favorite 25 of the 2010s

  1. Hereditary

  2. Annihilation

  3. The Handmaiden

  4. Occult Bolshevism

  5. Cabin in the Woods

  6. Knife + Heart

  7. Get Out

  8. Misdommar

  9. Sleep Has Her House

  10. Us

Favorite 25 of the 2000s

  1. Mulholland Drive

  2. The Host

  3. The Descent

  4. Noroi: The Curse

  5. The Mist

  6. Dogtooth

  7. Drag Me to Hell

  8. 28 Days Later

  9. Pulse

  10. [REC]

Favorite 25 of the 1990s

  1. Scream

  2. The Exorcist III

  3. The People Under the Stairs

  4. The Blair Witch Project

  5. Cemetery Man/Dellamorte Dellamore

  6. Wild Zero

  7. Event Horizon

  8. Man Bites Dog

  9. Cure

  10. Dangerous Seductress

Favorite 25 of the 80s

  1. Possession

  2. The Thing

  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

  4. Videodrome

  5. Aliens

  6. Blue Velvet

  7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

  8. Day of the Dead

  9. Escape from New York

  10. Hellraiser

Favorite 25 of the 70s

  1. Dawn of the Dead

  2. Alien

  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  4. Halloween

  5. Suspiria

  6. Demons

  7. The Wicker Man

  8. The Omen

  9. Hausu

  10. The Perfume of the Lady in Black

Favorite 25 of the 50s and 60s

  1. The Haunting
  2. Peeping Tom
  3. Night of the Living Dead
  4. Godzilla
  5. Rosemary’s Baby
  6. The Exterminating Angel
  7. Carnival of Souls
  8. The Birds
  9. Viy
  10. Eyes Without a Face