Lord Help Me, I'm Back on My Bullshit

I'm on Mastodon https://kolektiva.social/@VickyACAB

Just letting y’all know I do in fact want a space to communicate with comrades, keep up with happenings, and generally be publicly present in a certain sense, or be “social” if you will, and so I’ve hopped on Mastodon.

Two quick observations:

  1. The fact that the portmanteau “fediverse” is the chosen name for the decentralized network of social messaging systems, and not some sly anarchist nickname for corporate social media, will never not be frustrating to me.
  2. As the floodgates open and more and more people join Mastodon, will being on particular instances become like having a “desirable” area code used to be in big cities before cell phones? That would be funny, to me.

Maybe these should have been Mastodon posts. I dunno!