Revamped, Relaunched, De-Nazified

Revamped, Relaunched, De-Nazified

Hi Everyone!

You may notice that this is coming to you from a different domain: I have (I hope successfully? I'm bad at computers, part of my struggle to tear down trans girl stereotypes) moved my newsletter over to Ghost.

The last few months I have felt very unenthusiastic about posting, not only because everything seems impossible but because I didn't really want to deepen my relationship with Substack after the founders openly talked about how they had no problem supporting and monetizing Nazis, Christian Nationalists, TERFS and the rest.

But now I've moved the blog, and, hopefully, this will be just as easy for everybody to access. And I'm feeling excited to be writing to y'all with more frequency!

I've also opened up a new subscriber tier, at $5, which will get access to weekly movie reviews (first one drops next week). That's right, I'm back on my bullshit.

Folks already subscribed and paid through Substack will continue to receive full access to paid tier content!

You can now find the site at, and I would love to raise enough money to buy and set up a new domain and make this a more official part of my regular life. If you want to subscribe you can go to the above page and select the hot pink "subscribe" button.

If you want to make a one-time donation, which would also be very very much appreciated, you can send to my Venmo at Vicky-surge or cashapp $VickySurge1312.

Thanks as ever for your support, attention and kindness. Even through all this I still believe we can change and better this world, and that our efforts will bear fruit. The amazing support I've received for my work is one way that manifests for me, so, thank you, so so much. Let's get to it.