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I'd really appreciate the help!

Hi Friends,

I just want to do a quick post to let folks know I’ve started a paid subscription tier for this thing. Recently I’ve been writing some (genre/horror) fiction, and I want to start posting it weekly to get feedback and keep the engines running. But it’s honestly pretty vulnerable and a bit embarassing somehow to be writing fiction again after almost a decade without writing any, so I’m using subscriptions to motivate me to keep it up. I’ll also be posting stuff from my next book, The Extended Universe, cool research and thoughts I’m having as I work them out, in a format that might not end up in the book, but that I don’t want to just post out to the whole world. You can sign up for that here:

I also want everyone to know that the vast majority of my posts will remain free, and chaotically arriving as the whims of fate and my desire keep up. I’ve been really enjoying writing lately (see: actually writing fiction again) and that’s very delightful because it’s been a long time, so your support will keep me happy and enjoying things and wow, like, in 2023 that’s no small thing.

With love,