Talk to Me

Hi my fine feathered friends, I’m organizing a final round of interviews for my book on Intellectual Property, Disney and franchise cinema, called the Extended Universe, out next year for Haymarket, and I’m looking to talk to a few different kinds of people.

If you or someone you love is:

A Marvel/Star Wars superfan

A “Disney Adult”

A writer, artist or oganizer in the WGA/SAG strike

A current or former employee of Disney or any of its associated properties

and would like to talk to me about issues of Intellectual Property, movies, labor conditions or just general Disney stuff, please drop a comment or send a message and get in touch! Interviews can be as anonymous as desired.

Be a part of my research, get a shout-out in my acknowledgements, and help a girl who can’t full-time her book writing on account of capitalism!

Thanks so much!