The Great Amityville Project

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The Great Amityville Project

Hello fair subscribers,

As you may or may not know, we live in a capitalist society that requires money for goods, services and shelter. And in order to receive some of this “money”, I’ve had to take a data entry job. While the job is full time and requires long hours of labor, it does not require full focus. That’s where The Great Amityville Project comes in.

Because while I’m doing data entry I can listen to podcasts, or, say, watch movies. But I don’t want to watch good movies because I can’t actually give them anything like my full attention. Nothing with subtitles, and nothing with subtext.

And there is one horror franchise I have never wanted to engage with, due to both its sheer volume of entries and its reputation for utter and absolute stupidity: The Amityville Horror. Based on a best-selling novel based on a story by a couple of scammers who claimed a “haunting” based on a true crime that took place in their house in Amityville, Long Island, it has inspired generations of “based on a true story” books, scammers and movies.

The cover image for Amityville 3-D, with a picture of a goblin hand emerging from the amitvyville house

Amityville is a real place, and so there isn’t the copyright lockdown most other franchises have. So while seven of these films got actual theatrical releases, there are 47 direct-to-video or made-for-tv films. FORTY-SEVEN! And I’m going to watch as many of the 54 total Amityville movies as I can in the coming days.

So join me on letterboxd as I descend into the silliest most trashy series of films I’ve ever willingly engaged with (and as you all know, I’ve watched the Children of the Corn franchise [bizarre update! there’s actually a halfway decent Children of the Corn! No kidding. 2018’s Runaway, the 10th film in the franchise, is actually pretty good!]) and see if it can drive me insane faster than the data entry. I’ll be updating the list description with a journal of my experience and my mental state, as well as a review of each film. Join me, wont you?

A picture of the amityville house at night
Oh dang it’s so scary it looks like a skull oh DAAAAANG