Trans Bash Back

How do you fight federalized genocide

Trans girls already know the facts, we have no fucking choice but to know them: whole states now are no-go zones if we’re lucky enough to not be in them already. But also, if we’re not in states where genocide is being successfully legislated, it can feel hard to know how to help. Here are some random ideas about how to help and go on the offensive, to not feel trapped waiting, things you could start working on today.

Producing hormones:

There are a whole lot of guides out there (here’s one with an explicit anti-authoritarian angle). As many many people have pointed out, the reduction of transness to a medical question is a win for cishetpatriarchy, even if it comes in its liberal form (“everyone should have access to gender-affirming treatment!”)

Look at what happened with abortion: medicalizing bodily autonomy keeps it a political option for the state to “allow” or repress and dominate, as the parties see fit.  Creating estrogen is legal! At least for now. If we are able to create our own hormones (and abortions), not only will it solve the possibility of future access removal, not only will it allow us to help those already threatened by care, not only will it solve a huge financial burden for our communities, it will also allow us to focus on the actually important political, cultural and lived questions of transness, questions that very rarely actually center around medicalization.

Developing transport lines and safe houses

It’s a strategy that will help us in all of our revolutionary work: in prison abolition, in anti-repression, in abortion and medical care assistance, not just in trans liberation. If you live in a currently safe state or district, get a plan together making clear how much available space, transport infrastructure (cars and driver time, bus ticket money, etc) and national contacts you and your friends who want to do this have. Get organized, take a look at what resources you actually have available.

Odds are any five or six queers will have a surprisingly widespread network across the country, through discord groups, hometown friends, etc, but each individual might actually not easily be able to see that they have this reach. Get together with friends and talk about your networks, your resources, and your capacity, and reach out, make plans, begin to design routes based on actual capacity and resources. And reach out to people in effected areas and see if there’s anything you can do (in Minecraft).

Solidarity Means Attack

It can feel hard to strike out at a state legislature when local activists can’t even push back against the legislation, but there are other ways to show solidarity and put pressure on states and state governments beyond just “local” “politics”.

Inspired by the Stop Cop City movement’s use of solidarity actions against national chains, businesses, bankers and investors involved in the copy city project , here are the three states currently doing the most violent trans genocide, and a list of the largest businesses based in those states that are likely to have infrastructure in your area. The base of fascist power is not mass popular support: the Republican agenda is wildly unpopular. The fascist base is corporate power and other business buy-in and cooperation. Attack fascism where it hurts.

Organize a protest outside one of them today! Create propaganda to distribute or post near their businesses! Make them regret their wildly unpopular state legislations. I would like to remind you that you should never break the law when you do something like this. Breaking the law is bad and also illegal.

Tennessee: FedEx, Dollar General

Florida: DHL, Olive Garden, Red Lobster

Missouri: Panera, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Bass Pro Shops

Got other ideas? Drop em in the comments, or better yet, just do ‘em!